Cannabis farming management control system

The agricultural market in the western world is aided by automated control systems such as irrigation systems, fertilizer and lighting, but much of the work, such as weeding, pest control, pruning and harvesting, is carried out by the workers in the field.
Collecting information in the field is performed, if at all, by manual registration, usually performed by the foreman (and not by the workers who performed the work). The information collected on the worksheet is later embedded in business systems by typing in the office.
The disadvantages of the procedure are clear - there is no information about the power data, operations and outputs of each worker, the state of the tumor, the data do not pass in real time between the various employees, there are errors in the transfer of information to the business systems, there is a waste of administrative personnel in particular and waste resources in general.
Therefore, there are fluctuations in the output and quality of produce in the same farmer between the growth cycles
Although the agricultural market is a highly data-intensive market, they are not collected and analyzed effectively, and therefore the farmer is unable to reach informed insights.​​

The challenge and destiny of VERIFITY cannabis Precision agriculture farming management control system
 is to provide every farmer with a smart, efficient and easy-to-operate system that gives him information about the farm's activity and the state of the crops in real time and is a tool that helps in making informed decisions.
Through the system, the farmer receives information about the state of the crops up to the level of a single plant, the identity of the employee who carried out the activities in part, the actions performed by the employee and his outputs. The information stored in the system enables the farmer to make various comparisons and draw conclusions based on past data.
We believe that using the system will enable farmers to immediately save 15% to 25% of employee input (due to higher employee productivity) and long-term savings stemming from the implementation of accumulated knowledge. It will also enable farmers to produce more quality products over time, at a cost of 10% to 15% of the direct savings generated by using the cannabis management control system system.





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