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Adi Shpigel,
Co-Founder & CEO

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Over 12 year track record of innovative solutions in Mobile technologies, Software & Cellular Application for Control & Management Systems and Smart Cards Operation in Israel & Worldwide.

Launching business on the local and international market involving:

- World Bank, the Consortium Project with IBM and SUN in India.

- Security Organization in the World

- Israel Police Authorities

- National Insurance Institute

- Israel Football Union

- Data Management and Process Control


years of track record of innovative solutions in IT, Web and Mobile technologies
strong code convention: C++, Java, Python, C, Amazon Cloud Services, S3...and more.

Highly familiar with mobile industry trends and technologies.




The control and supervision system is designed to verify worker's location at the checkpoint, give an updated overview of the workers' whereabouts and allow efficient management of their activity.


The system is based on an online secured software, accessed through username and password, and a cellular phone based on-site control.


The system's guidelines are on-line availability, easy-to-use interface and hardware components that are cellular-based and Amazon or local server based.

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