Our Team

Our Team
VERIFITY was founded by three skilled entrepreneurs with years of experience in business, marketing and technology:

shpigel@verifity.com | Phone: +972-(0)54-495-4464

Mr. Adi Shpigel, Co-Founder & CEO of the company. Major in the IAF (Reserves). He has more than fifteen years of experience in business development and more than twenty in the field of “interfacing man, machine and the user’s experience”. Over the years Mr. Shpigel has filled positions as director of business development in a number of start-up initiatives in the cellular field and assisted companies in the global agricultural market.

Ms. Svetlana Gelter, Co-Founder & CTO, with more than fifteen years of experience in the development of end systems for the supervision of processes and the development of cloud supported data systems. She is a graduate of Computer Science from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology.

Ms. Carmel Segal Dagan, Adv. (Accounting) - Co-Founder & Financial manager and legal advisor. An attorney for twenty years in the field of business and finance, specializing in international business contracts and financing.

Mr. Omar Zeidan, A representative of the Ministry of Agriculture on Israel’s
Inter-Ministerial Steering Committee for Medicinal Cannabis and an international advisor for Israel in the field of agricultural products. In the past he served as Assistant Director of the Extension Service of the Ministry of Agriculture (Shaham) and Director of the Vegetable Division. Mr. Zeidan holds a Masters degree from the Faculty of Agriculture of the Hebrew University.

Mr. Ronen Sander,  more than 25 years of experience in agriculture managment, specialized in emerging markets, focusing on agricultural project analysis, feasibility studies and business planning. Mr. Sander has been managing director of an international multi-million dollar R&D initiative, a joint venture with Merck KGaA, Germany
and scientific cooperation with the Volcani Agricultural Research Center, Israel. Mr. Sander holds an MSc. d in Agricultural Economics from Aberdeen University, Scotland. 

Our Team of Advisers

internationally experts from the fields of Agriculture and Medicinal:

Prof. Yedidya Gafni, is a professor of molecular Genetics. For more then 25 years, he ran an active research at the Volcani Research Center where he also served as the Head of the Department of Genetics. His research, published in peer reviewed international journals, was focused on plant genetic engineering, rendering castor bean plants as bioreactors for better industrial oil and studying plant viruses and their effect on plants. As an active scienrist he spent several years in several universities in the US and participated in many conferences and workshops around the globe.

Prof. Gafni is teaching at Bar Ilan University where he teaches plant molecular virology and biotechnology.

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