During recent years significant advancement has been made in scientific research in the field of Cannabis, leading to the clinical basis of the Cannabis plant containing compounds that have a beneficial medicinal influence on different symptoms.

In the wake of this scientific research, many countries worldwide have introduced legal reforms in the field, including regularization in the field of Cannabis and the determination of procedures regarding how it is grown and documentation of the growing processes Good Agriculture Practice (GAP).

In light of these steps, the use of medicinal Cannabis and cannabis for recreational purposes has increased in many countries around the world.

The implementation of the GAP standards is essential for medical products, herbal supplements and cosmetic products, as well as for the international trade of agricultural produce to developed countries, as it ensures the quality of produce and produce.

Consumers today are increasingly aware of the quality of the product they consume - they are interested in how they grow, manufacture, and how they are handled within the supply chain. GAP provides consumers with the quality mark required by them. A farmer who implements the GAP standards produces a quality product over time.


All of the above have contributed to a significant development in the field of Cannabis cultivation.

In light of these steps, the use of medical cannabis and cannabis for recreational purposes is increasing in many countries around the world.

According to Forbes – by the year 2021, the market for legal Cannabis will have grown 8 times in comparison to its current size and will be valued at 31.4 billion dollars.
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