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VERIFITY is developping a user-friendly system, based on high end technology, usually used for security and web analytics (Big Data, unstructured data analysis, machine learning ). The System is easy to assimilate and operate, user-friendly and cost effective for every commercial cannabis farmer.

The system combines the farmer’s different requirements - the collection and documentation of data from the farm and the customers, while taking into account the limitations of the on-going work, with a minimum of disturbance to the routine work being done by the different workers, as well as presenting the data intuitively to enable the farmer to reach conclusions and gain insights for the short and long-term.

The world of agriculture and Cannabis cultivation in particular are rich in data, but this data has not been collected or analyzed effectively, and therefore we can see fluctuations in the yields and the quality of the produce for the same farmer during different growing cycles.

Over 15 year track record of promoting innovative solutions to international markets. In a game changing technologies Telecom & Mobile, IT, Big Data, Security and BI.
Over 25 year of internationally experts from the fields of agriculture and medicinal Cannabis
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